How to change mac address on my pc

Change MAC address on Windows 10 by using a MAC address changer

After that you can manually or randomly enter your new MAC address. Bear in mind to change your registry carefully in order to avoid causing any potential problems. We have to mention that when changing your MAC address sometimes you have to use 2,6,A or E as the second character. For example: This applies for all 3 solutions.

Change your MAC address in Windows 10 with these MAC changer tools

By not following this rule, some adapters might not work properly if you change their MAC address, so keep that in mind. Thousands of users […]. Continue Reading. That is reputedly a codename for a foldable mobile device the […]. So, Microsoft advises users to promptly upgrade to SHA 2 for […]. Well there are many reasons for this, mostly related to bypassing some kind of MAC address filter set on a modem, router or firewall. For example, a WiFi network may allow only authorized computers to connect to the network and filters out computers based on the MAC address.

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Another example is if you have an ISP that allows only a certain number of computers to connect to the Internet from your home. If you have more computers that need to connect, you can spoof the MAC address of an authorized computer and connect from a different computer.

Step 1: Click on Start , then Control Panel , then Network Connections , and right-click on the network connection you want to change the MAC address for and select Properties.

Change or Spoof a MAC Address in Windows or OS X

Step 2: Step 3: By default, the Not Present value is selected. Go ahead and click on the Value radio button and enter in a new MAC address.

The MAC address is a combination of 6 pairs of numbers and characters, i. You should enter the MAC address without the dashes. Go ahead and restart the computer in order for the changes to take effect.

Change OS X MAC Address

This is the simplest way to change your MAC address in Windows. Some Network Adapter drivers have this facility built-in. Read this blog post for more details on issues with wireless networks and workaround.

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