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Famously, this would begin a long-running feud with the now-President, a battle that Miller would take seriously though with his characteristic tongue-in-cheek sense of humor at every turn throughout his career. He was part lion. The titular ladders are the central metaphor here, focusing on striving for new heights and taking hold of the next run as soon as you can. Breezy and open and relaxed, with a focus on live instrumentation and an improvisational atmosphere, The Divine Feminine served as a remarkably confident announcement that Mac Miller had arrived in the third act of his career a very real tragedy after his untimely passing is that there was no indication that this third act would be his final one.

Long past the carefree party rap that laid the foundation for his career, Mac had spent the last few years mining his darkest artistic impulses; this was his turn back towards the light. By now, Miller had learned how to let songs develop, to breathe, and started to value the kind of song you could keep on repeat forever rather than deploying his ever-sharp writing in bursts. This was one of the best examples of that coming to fruition. Though many would take umbrage at his willingness to touch a classic, Miller would eventually win many of his critics over by simply always striving for improvement and knowing what he was talking about.

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The Divine Feminine found Mac Miller uncharacteristically happy. Play Ya Cards Tracks of Disc 3 1. She Said 2. Life Ain't Easy 3. Snooze 4. Keep Floatin' 5. Bde Bonus. Swimming 2LPs. Come Back To Earth 2. Hurt Feelings 3. What's the Use? Perfecto 5.

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Self Care 6. Wings 7. Ladders Tracks of Disc 2 1. Small Worlds 2. Conversation Pt. Dunno 4. Jet Fuel 5. So It Goes.

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  • The Star Room 2. Avian 3. I'm Not Real feat. Earl Sweatshirt 4. Bird Call 6.

    Mac Miller - Best Day Ever

    Matches feat. Ab-Soul 7. Niki Randa] 8.

    10 Essential Mac Miller Songs

    Objects in the Mirror 9. Red Dot Music feat. Action Bronson Tracks of Disc 2 1. Gees feat. Schoolboy Q 2. Watching Movies 3. Suplexes Inside of Complexes and Duplexes 4. Remember 5. Someone Like You 6. Aquarium 7. Youforia 8.

    Top 10 Best Mac Miller Songs

    Goosebumpz Bonus Track 9. Tyler, The Creator [Bonus Track] Claymation feat. Vinny Radio [Bonus Track]. The Divine Feminine [Clean]. OD AM [Clean]. The Divine Feminine 2LPs.

    10. "Diablo"

    Out of Print. Congratulations feat. Bilal 2. Paak 3. Stay Tracks of Disc 2 1. Skin 2.

    Mac Miller discography

    Cinderella feat. Planet God Damn feat. Njomza 2. Soulmate 3. We feat. CeeLo Green Tracks of Disc 4 1. Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, "Guild". With "S. Mac Miller and Future, "Earth". Though Mac Miller seems wholly disinterested in producing standard pop tunes these days, he can still knock out tracks that retain the pop savvy of his youth. As songs like the Miguel -featuring "Weekend" prove, those same hooks are often now padded with genuine gravitas. Featuring some of the most casually intricate rapping of his career, "Weekend" slowly morphs into an anti-party party anthem as Miller takes the second verse into more self-reflective territory.

    Action Bronson.

    When it comes to compelling, murky underground rap, Action Bronson and producer Alchemist are basically ringers. And they provided Mac Miller with the framing he needed to crank out this sticky, nihilistic anthem.