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There is not a bad song on here, and each one tells a story. In fact, it's most of their biggest hits. It is Fleetwood Mac's best and should be passed down from generation to generation. Even though Glee pretty much butchered these classics, it has given others a chance to discover the originals.

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Thanks for making this great music, guys. You rock! This album is great from top to bottom. So great fleetwood Mac could never even come close to matching the success of this album.

Rumours (Super Deluxe)

If you don't have this in your collection you don't know what your missing. I don't usually write reviews. Like, ever. But I am obsessed with this album and band. I grew up listening to this, and always loved it, but only recently I have fallen truly in love. The emotional trauma and work that must have gone into this album as they were all divorcing and breaking up produced some of the most emotionally-charged music I've ever heard. Rumours is one of the Top 20 biggest selling albums of all time, with latest sales standing at 3. Thanks to the resurgence of the vinyl format — which, as any muso at a party will tell you if you ask and even if you don't , Rumours was originally produced to sound best on — Rumours still sells pretty well.

Rumours was the fifth top selling vinyl album of , in fact. It's spent weeks in the Official Albums Chart Top and a reissue in brought Rumours back to the Top 3 for the first time in over 30 years.

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is 40 years old

Rumours is still a regular fixture in the Top today. Many artists have cited Rumours as a major influence, with Lorde calling it a "perfect album". All of the songs have been covered in some form or another. Of the notable ones, Dreams not only returned to the Top 40 twice, it improved on its original chart position too!

The Corrs' cover of Dreams hit Number 6 in , while a Deep Dish reimagining of the track, which featured fresh vocals from Stevie herself, reached Number Songbird, originally sung by Christine McVie on the album, was covered by Eva Cassidy and became one of her signature songs and the name of her chart-topping posthumous album.

The Chain has been used for decades as the theme tune for the BBC's coverage of Formula 1 motor racing. Comments 61 Downloads 1 year Language:.

Fleetwood Mac -- (Gold Dust Woman) HD

Comments Downloads 1 year Language:. Album Black Magic Woman: The Best of Fleetwood Mac.

Looking back at Fleetwood Mac's Rumours as it turns 40

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